Welcome to Ghanaian campuses where young girls perform ‘wifely functions.’ Simply visiting a boy’s hostel will leave you amazed at the sight of a lady living comfortably with him. It is increasingly typical for a girl to hear her “boyfriend” lavish her with flattery. So, who is her lover?


A level 300 student with a GPA of 1.36 and they are vying for the next best couple award, which requires the lady to depart with him, can you imagine? Here’s another reason why the girl should act like a wife. “Babe,” as the youngsters’ anthem goes, “I will go and see your parents as soon as we finish school so I can marry you.”


This is a girl who started the semester with a high GPA and has seen her GPA fall over time. As if that wasn’t enough, the lady becomes intimate with the gentleman, truly defining the term “wifely functions.”


Isn’t it surprising? As much as we would like to deny it, this is exactly what is happening, and it is not even happening behind closed doors. Everyone is doing it in public, and you sometimes question if they actually went to school or a summer camp. I’m not even suggesting it’s a horrible thing to do, but everything is becoming too much at university. Who taught you all of this?


Aside with these girls performing Wife duties in order to maintain their position, the gentlemen are also seriously out there demonstrating their husband abilities and carrying out their tasks appropriately. Preparing for various visits and getting presents for their partners while spraying them with care and devotion. A full-time job in and of itself. Where most fathers fail, these young men thrive, and it’s humorous since no one sent them.


It can be riskier for men than for women since they not only risk falling down the academic pecking order, but they also risk draining their wallets. All of these shuttle rides from here to there and all of the money spent is a pain, especially if you don’t come from a much more financially solid family.


Peer pressure can often put people in such situations, but others have been doing their thing long before they arrived at university. It feels normal to them, but I can’t say the same for the other party. The adaption process they go through is worth a significant amount of study time to improve one’s own grades, but it kindly is squandered doing exactly what they didn’t come to do.




My counsel to all students is that your body is the temple of God and must be treated with respect. Second, education is the only treasure that parents can leave behind.

So, as your parents work to offer you their best, take advantage of the opportunity to become an asset to them.


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