Shatta Wale and Captain Smart

The self acclaimed Dancehall King Shatta Wale with up-close with Captain Smart on Onua TV on Thursday lamented the Ghana Music Industry has not been treating him fairly. He stressed that the industry instead of appreciating his good work and make sure his work is studied to serve as a motivation for the next generation, the industry rather sabotage his name.

He added, with the tarnish of one’s image, the police must come inside in order for the law of the country to be respected.

He continued that the industry must come together and do business, I am a business man, if you see me and you want to make a good business with me, we can package and build it for ten years. But people don’t want to understand me and I don’t even want them to understand me because they can’t, said Shatta Wale.

He added he would always be himself because that’s how he is and people’s negative comments about him would not make him change. How would you even know if God comes and He’s with dreadlocks like Shatta Wale? He rhetorically asked his viewers.

The difference between me and God is that; people see me everyday but that’s not the case with God that’s why they judge me differently. No one can predict me because nobody can predict God, the Dancehall King added.

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