Shatta Wale with dollars

Shatta Wale on Thursday morning with Captain Smart on Onua Maakye Show stated that he has been to so many places like Mallam and fetish priests but all did not help him.

He recounted on how a Mallam whom he went to help him get more money deceived him. He said he would not go to a Mallam to kill or do something bad to his friend, but he would rather go to seek help for himself.

He said “I went to this Mallam to whom some people trusted very much. When I got there, I asked her if she could do like 15billion US dollarsĀ  for me. This Mallam retorted this is not anything big deal for me, it’s very easy for me to do it.

So I told her to do something for me to see, so she did some magic and immediately, she charmed plenty dollars after she had asked me to buy some medicine for the charms.

She then asked me to send the money home and when I got home, all the money turned to one serial number. I was very annoyed so I quickly called her and told her she could not do any charms again.

She really played with my heart because I had planned to buy the private jets and give you Captain one, he jokingly said.

So, one day I went to Tamale to perform and they said someone wanted to see me. I asked them to let her in and it was that Mallam who deceived me. She knelt before me and apologized for what she had done to me and I said, no problem, I’ve forgiven you like my girlfriend.

I forgave her because the God I serve doesn’t ask me for oil, water or anything. The only thing for me to do is to talk to Him and He listens to me and answers me.”

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