Shakira and Pique’s frosty reunion after their agreement

They met at their son’s baseball game in Barcelona

Shakira and Pique's frosty reunion after their agreement

It’s been more than a week since singer Shakira and ex-footballer Gerard Pique reached a divorce settlement. The legal battle has been full of ups and downs for the custody of their two children.

This Saturday they have met for the first time since they reached the agreement and it has been due to their son, Milan‘s sporting activities.

As can be seen in the photographs published by Semana magazine, it seems that the reunion has not been very pleasant for either of them since they did not exchange a single glance.

What was Shakira and Pique’s reunion like?

According to Semana, Shakira was the first to arrive at the sports venue accompanied by her brother and her son. Pique was not going to attend the event alone either, as he was accompanied by both his parents, but not his current girlfriend, Clara Chia.

Despite the friction and disagreements between the two, both encouraged his son throughout the game and enjoyed watching Milan play baseball.

Shakira seems to have gotten over the breakup perfectly and is in an amazing state of mind as she was very friendly with everyone present and did not hesitate to take pictures with some fans who recognized her.

Then, when the crash was over, Sasha and Milan left the venue in their father’s car and said goodbye to their mother.

Let’s remember that the divorce agreement stated that the children would go to live in Miami, but that they will spend Christmas in Barcelona with their father and his family.

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