Cindy Okafor

Actress and former Big Brother Naija housemate, Cindy Okafor, has stated that she has met a lot of her fans and does not mind dating any of them.

She also said she did not like controversies and tried her best to stay away from them.

Okafor told Sunday Scoop, “Anybody can be my fan. I have met a lot of people who told me that they are my fans and love what I am doing. Being a fan isn’t degrading and I can date a fan.

“I avoid controversies as much as I can. That is why I and my team are watchful about what we put out there on social media. I have been working lately with a lot of premium brands and whenever they want to have meetings, they always ask my management, ‘Is there a controversy?’ That’s very important to them. They don’t want to get involved in one’s drama.

“No publicity is bad publicity. Some people are thriving with it, but I guess it is a personal choice and it depends on who one is working with. There are a lot of celebrities doing well without controversies.”

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